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Victims of chemical terrorism, a family of four who were exposed to sulfur mustard

TitleVictims of chemical terrorism, a family of four who were exposed to sulfur mustard
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSezigen S., Ivelik K., Ortatatli M., Almacioglu M., Demirkasimoglu M., Eyison R.K, Kunak Z.I, Kenar L.
JournalToxicol Lett
Date PublishedMar 15
ISBN Number0378-4274 (Linking)
Accession Number30572106
Keywords*Chemical Terrorism, Acetaminophen/therapeutic use, Acetylcysteine/therapeutic use, Administration, Cutaneous, Administration, Inhalation, Adult, Albuterol/therapeutic use, Asian Continental Ancestry Group, Cbrn, Chemical casualties, chemical terrorism, Child, Preschool, Cyclopentolate/therapeutic use, DECONTAMINATION, Female, Gentamicins/therapeutic use, Humans, Infant, Newborn, Lidocaine/therapeutic use, Male, Methylprednisolone/therapeutic use, Mustard Gas, Mustard Gas/*toxicity, Silver Sulfadiazine/therapeutic use, Skin/drug effects/pathology, Sulfur Mustard, Syria, Terrorism, TURKEY

Sulfur mustard (SM) was responsible for more than 80% of all documented chemical casualties during the Great War. Recent literature on clinic picture of SM exposure remained so limited with the sporadic cases who were accidentally exposed to SM especially either in Western Europe or China. We reported a Syrian family of four who became victims of chemical terrorism due to SM exposure and we described the detailed clinical course of the family including the medical history, initial symptomatology, clinical examination, hematological data, and initial treatment in the first 48 hours after exposure at Kilis State Hospital, Turkey. The principles of our therapeutic approaches were designed according to the total affected body surface area, severity of cutaneous and respiratory lesions, and existing hematological disorders. SM is still considered as a critical vesicant agent and a current threat because of its ease of synthesis. Chemical terrorist attacks of non-state actors or terrorist organizations with "home-made" SM is likely such a threat which is targeting health systems of developed and developing countries. Except sarin attacks in Japan, the literature depends on real incidents of chemical terrorism is so rare and for this reason we have gaps and challanges in the prepardness of medical response system against chemical terrorism. Medical management could be performed adequetly only if the response system is well planned, well equipped, and well prepared for overburdened medical facilities filled with SM contaminated casualties after a chemical terrorist attack.

Short TitleVictims of chemical terrorism, a family of four who were exposed to sulfur mustard

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