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Dermostyx (IB1) - High efficacy and safe topical skin protectant against percutaneous toxic agents

TitleDermostyx (IB1) - High efficacy and safe topical skin protectant against percutaneous toxic agents
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDachir S., Barness I., Fishbine E., Meshulam J., Sahar R., Eisenkraft A., Amir A., Kadar T.
JournalChem Biol Interact
Date PublishedApr 1
ISBN Number0009-2797 (Linking)
Accession Number27417258
KeywordsAcrolein, Administration, Topical, Animals, Chemical Warfare Agents/*toxicity, Ethyl parathion, Female, Mustard Gas/toxicity, Organothiophosphorus Compounds/toxicity, Parathion/toxicity, Pesticides/toxicity, Pigs, Protective Agents/*pharmacology, Skin Cream/chemistry/*pharmacology, Skin/*drug effects/pathology, Sulfur Mustard, Swine, Topical skin protectant, VX

Prevention of the penetration of toxic agents through the skin is crucial for both military troops and civilian populations. We have developed a novel topical skin protectant (TSP), coded as IB1 and commercially available as Dermostyx protective solution (Rekah Pharm, Israel). The formulation afforded significant protection against chemical warfare agents such as sulfur mustard (SM) and VX (2LD50), pesticides such as parathion and irritants such as acrolein. The efficacy of the protectant was evaluated in the pig model using clinical, histological and biochemical monitoring. A single topical application prior to exposure to the toxic agents reduced significantly the size and severity of skin lesions and ameliorated or prevented systemic clinical symptoms. The barrier properties of IB1 are immediate upon application and remain effective for at least 12 h. It is absorbed into the stratum corneum of the skin and remains there until rinsing with water, yet the ingredients are not absorbed into the body. The formulation is a hydrophilic water-based solution, composed of magnesium sulfate and glycerin that are widely used in cosmetic and medicine, and was shown to be safe in preclinical and in Phase I clinical studies. The suggested mode of action is based on the unique interaction of glycerin with the stratum corneum, changing its properties to hydrophilic and on the "salting out" effect of magnesium sulfate. The expected use of the TSP is by application on exposed skin areas and sensitive skin sites (e.g. armpits, groin, waist), when necessary. A quantity of 10 ml is sufficient for one application covering approximately 20% of the body surface area. The formulation was approved for human use by the Israel Ministry of Health and a CE mark certificate in Europe has been recently issued (Class I). Dermostyx has been adopted by the IDF and first responders as a skin protectant for special needs.

Short TitleDermostyx (IB1) - High efficacy and safe topical skin protectant against percutaneous toxic agents

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