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IB1 - a safe and efficient topical skin protectant against chemical warfare agents: Mode of action

TitleIB1 - a safe and efficient topical skin protectant against chemical warfare agents: Mode of action
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2006
AuthorsKadar T., Fishbeine E., Meshulam J., Dachir S., Levy A., Amir A., Barness I.
Conference NameProceedings of the U.S. Army Medical Defense Bioscience Review
Conference LocationHunt Valley, MD

The high efficacy of IB1, a topical skin protectant (TSP) against chemical warfare agents such as HD and VX was previously reported. A single topical application of IB1, prior to prolonged exposure to lethal doses (2xLD50) of VX, provided significant protection against the poisoning clinical symptoms. Similarly, protection was conferred against skin lesions induced by exposure to HD (both liquid and vapor). The protective action was exhibited immediately following application of the TSP, as well as up to 12 hrs. after a single application. The TSP ingredients are widely used in cosmetics and medicine and it was found safe in preclinical as well as in Phase I human studies (Eisenkraft et al. 2006). The aim of the present study was to elucidate the mechanism of the protective action of IB1. We have clearly demonstrated that the TSP ingredients were not absorbed into the systemic circulation and that the protective efficacy did not require a massive TSP layer on the skin. A quantity of 10g is sufficient for one application covering approximately 20% of the body surface. The protective action seemed to be primarily due to alterations in the physico-chemical properties of the stratum corneum that became hydrophilic by the TSP. Thus, penetration of lipophylic compounds such as HD and VX is prevented. The addition of salt into the formulation, decreased the solubility of HD and VX in the stratum corneum water base. In addition to its high efficacy and safety, IB1 has long shelf life and low cost, thus making it an ideal product for a protecting kit.

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