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A 20 year cancer-related mortality follow-up study of mustard gas exposed Iranian veterans

TitleA 20 year cancer-related mortality follow-up study of mustard gas exposed Iranian veterans
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsFalahati F., Soroush M.R., Salamat A.A., Khateri S., A.R. H
JournalApplied Science and Analysis, Inc. - The ASA Newsletter
ISBN Number1057-9419
KeywordsCancers, Chemical Warfare, Iraq-Iran war, Sulfur Mustard, Veterans

Chemical warfare agents were frequently used by Iraqi forces during Iraq-Iran war (1980-1988). It has been estimated that about 100,000 Iranian military and civilians have been exposed to this chemical agent during the 80's and at present about 45,000 individuals are suffering from long term health effects of mustard gas which is an alkylating agent with highly cytotoxic properties even at low dose levels. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified mustard gas as a carcinogen. In this Investigation a Retrospective mortality Follow-up study was conducted among those CW victims who died between 1984-2004, because of a confirmed malignancy. We considered two main inclusion criteria: I. Confirmed wartime exposure to mustard gas. II. At least 6 months interval between exposure and pathologic diagnosis of cancer. Among 45,000 Iranian C.W Victims who are receiving medical services by Janbazan Organization 124 of them are known to have died of cancer during the period between (1984-2004) we reviewed all medical documents of these cases as well as their follow-up medical files. It has been elicited from the results of our study that hematopoetic cancers are the most common malignancies in our subjects. This study has been carried out of an ongoing nation wide project.

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