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Treating HD cutaneous injury with anti-inflammatory drugs – Summing up and future prospects

TitleTreating HD cutaneous injury with anti-inflammatory drugs – Summing up and future prospects
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2004
AuthorsDachir S., Fishbeine E., Sahar R., Meshulam J., Buch H., Cohen M., Cohen L., Amir A., T. K
Conference NameProceedings of the U.S. Army Medical Defense Bioscience Review
Conference LocationAberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Skin exposure to sulfur mustard (HD) results in inflammation characterized by marked edema and cellular infiltration, vesication, necrosis and ulceration. No effective treatment has yet been found that can prevent the severe injury which develops following such exposure. In an attempt to find therapeutic treatments due to HD injury, the central role of inflammation has become a working hypothesis in our studies. Using the mouse ear vesicant model (MEVM) we have shown that a post-exposure topical application of an anti-inflammatory (AI) mixture containing a steroid (dexamethasone) and a NSAID (diclofenac) significantly reduced inflammatory parameters such as edema, prostaglandin E (PGE) and myeloperoxidase (MPO) levels. Moreover, the AI treatment had also some effect on histopathological parameters such as number of vesications and amount of necrotic epithelial cells. Similar effects were obtained when the AI combination was further tested in the pig model. It reduced intensity of erythema, decreased the initial histopathological damage and shortened healing time. The anti-inflammatory treatment was effective even when applied after appearance of first clinical signs: about 4 hr or 3 hr postexposure in the MEVM or pig model respectively. Thus, a combination of a steroid and a NSAID was found to be effective in reducing the intensity of HD skin injury and possibly shortening time to full recovery. The treatment was effective even when given after development of first clinical signs.

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