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Kehe K., Worek F., Thiermann H..  0.  Medical aspects of chemical warfare agents. Chapter 11.. Decontamination of Warfare Agents: Enzymatic Methods for the Removal of B/C Weapons. :201-221.
.  0.  Minutes, March 18, 1942.
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Despretz M..  1822.  Des composes triples due chlore. Ann Chem Phys. 21:438.
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Meyer V..  1887.  Medicinisch-chemische Notizen. Ber. Beuts. Chem. Gess.. 20:1725-1731.
Urbanetti J.S..  1888.  Battlerfield chemical inhalation injury. Pathophysiology and Treatment of Inhallation Injuries. :281-348.
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.  1917.  On poisonoius gases. Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift. 64:762.
Zunz E..  1917.  Research on blood pressure during gas intoxications. Trauvaux-Ambulance de l'Ocean de Panne. 1:257-284.
Lustig A..  1917.  Summary relationship of the effects of mustard gas and its means of defense. Circolare del Comando Supremo. :32440.


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