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Author Title [ Type(Desc)] Year
.  1948.  Advances in Military Medicine. Science in World War II: Office of Scientific Research and Development.
Ross W.C.J..  1962.  Biological alkylating agents: Fundamental chemistry and design of compounds for selective toxicity.
Gillert E..  1944.  [Blister gas injuries] Die Kampfstoffverletzungen.
Bauer K.H;..  1963.  [The Cancer Problem] Das Krebsproblem.
Klimmick R., Szinicz L., Weger N..  1983.  [Chemical poisons and blister gases: Effect and therapy]. Chemische Gifte und Kampfstoffe: Wirkung und Therapie.
Fries A.A., West C.J..  1921.  Chemical warfare.
Marrs T.C., Maynard R.L., Sidell F.R..  1996.  Chemical warfare agents.
Somani S.M..  1992.  Chemical Warfare Agents.
Hanslian R..  1937.  [Chemical Warfare] Der Chemische Krieg.
Muller-Kiel U..  1933.  The chemical weapon in the world war and today. Dichlorodiethyl Sulphide (Yellow Cross).
Prentiss A.N..  1937.  Chemicals in war.
Haddad L.M., Winchester J.F..  1990.  Clinical management of poisoning and drug overdose..
Lohs K..  1975.  Delayed toxic effects of chemical warfare agents.
Fitzpatrick T.B., Eisen A.Z., Wolff K., Freedberg I.M., Austeru K.F..  1979.  Dermatology in General Medicine: Textbook and Atlas.
Trapp R..  1985.  The detoxification and natural degradation of chemical warfare agents.
May W.G..  1998.  Effluents from alternative demilitarization technologies.
.  2000.  Field management of chemical casualties handbook.
Goldfrank L.R., Flomenbaum N.E., Lewin N.A..  1990.  Goldfrank's toxicologic emergencies.
Gilman A.G., Goodman L.S., Gilman A..  1980.  Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics.
Buscher H..  1931.  Green and yellow cross.
Dreisbach R.H., Robertson W.O..  1987.  Handbook of poisoning: Prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
Flury F., Zernick F..  1931.  [Harmful gases, vapors, fogs, kinds of smoke and dust]. Schadliche Gase, Dampfe, Nebel, rauch-und Staubarten.
Harris R., Paxman J..  1982.  A higher form of killing: The secret story of chemical and biological warfare.
Cattelain E..  1940.  L'yperite ou Gaz Moutarde: Historique, Production, Proprietes, Action, Protection, Therapeutique.
Sollmann M.T..  1957.  A manual of pharmacology and its application to therapeutics and toxicology.


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