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.  1943.  Abstracts: Analysis: Testing: Laboratory Methods. Textile Research Journal. 13:36-48.
.  1952.  Abstracts of Papers. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 106:371-428.
.  1951.  Abstracts of papers. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 101:1-39.
.  1952.  Abstracts: Scientific Proceedings: American Association for Cancer Research, Inc.: New York, N.Y.. Cancer Res. 12:243-312.
.  1948.  Advances in Military Medicine. Science in World War II: Office of Scientific Research and Development.
.  2008.  AHRQ Hospital Surge Model, Version 1.2.
.  1993.  Animals in Research. The Society of Toxicology.
.  1944.  Anti-gas ointments for use in the tropics. Part I. Exploratory experiments. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2638
.  1943.  The appearances and treatment of mustard gas burns of the skin under Indian conditions. CDRE Report No. 255
.  2000.  Appendix E: Health risk assessment for sulfur mustard (HD). J Tox and Environmental Health Part A. 59(5-6):471-502.
.  1996.  Assay techniques for detecion of exposure to sulfur mustard, cholinesterase inhibitors, sarin, soman, GF, and cyanide.
.  1941.  Assessment of danger of systemic poisoning by Lewisite. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2201
.  1944.  An attack on a small island with the M.47 bomb charged Levinstein mustard. Final report. Australia Chemical Defence Reports. CD Report No 30
.  1943.  Capillary permeability factors related to the action of CW agents. Part I. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2543


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