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.  1968.  New ways of making war. Nature. 217:799-799.
.  1943.  Observations on the treatment of experimentally produced mustard lesions. Physiological Section Report No. 27
.  1969.  Chemical and bacteriological (biological) weapons and the effects of their possible use.
.  2002.  Nitrogen mustard hydrochloride. Rep Carcinog. 10:173-174.
.  1945.  Construction and operation of a gassing chamber for human tests. Memorandum Report. MDR 36
.  1942.  Precipitation produced by the action of mustard on human serum. Memorandum Report. TDMR No. 491
.  1942.  Symposium of medical aspects of chemical warfare. June-October
.  1991.  Current controversies on the poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase hypothesis for sulfur-mustard-induced cytotoxicity. Medical Chemical Defense: A Bulletin on Research and Development. 4:1-67.
.  1944.  A controlled laboratory experiment to compare lesions resulting from application of mustard, Lewisite and nitrogen mustards to the skin of the forearms of humans. U.S. Navy Reports. Report No. P-2364
.  1919.  Mustard gas: its brief but inglorious career. Lancet. 1:471-472.
.  1976.  Respiratory protection factors.
.  1994.  Recommendations for the disposal of chemical agents and munitions.
, , , Heully F., Remy M..  1956.  [Mass poisoning caused by explosion of an yperite shell.]. Ann Med Leg Criminol Police Sci Toxicol. 36:195-204.
.  1985.  Protection against the acute and delayed toxicity of mustards and mustard-like compounds: Annual report. AD-A182 468
.  2003.  Chemical terrorism primary care preparedness: Mustards.
.  1945.  Exposures of permeable protective fabrics on Men's arms to H vapor. Preliminary gas chamber tests.. Technical Division Memorandum Report. TDMR 1062
.  1942.  Fourth report on mustard gas. General systemic effects of mustard gas applied to the skin. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2398
.  1988.  Material Safety Data Sheet, T or Sulfur Mustard. Pentagon Reports. :7.
.  2007.  Characteristics of mustard (blister) agents. Pentagon Reports. :3.
.  1973.  Weapons today. The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare. II:27-89.
.  2000.  Evaluation of the Army's interim reference dose and slope factor for sulfur mustard. J Tox and Environmental Health Part A. 59 (5-6):339-347.
.  1944.  The treatment of the systemnic effects of H. Part II. Dithiocarbamates as therapeutic agents. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2658
.  1939.  Pathology of heat and mustard burns: a comparison. Edgewood Arsenal Technical Report. EATR 292
.  1988.  Code of Federal Regulations. :40CFR261,AppendixVIII<br/>.
.  2004.  Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq's WMD, Volume 3: Iraq's Chemical Warfare Program .


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