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.  1942.  The protective value of carbon impregnated fabrics against H vapour. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2354
.  1988.  Final programmatic environmental impact statement for the chemical stockpile disposal program.
.  1971.  The rise of chemical and biological weapons. The problem of chemical and biological warfare: A study of the historical, technical, military, legal and political aspects of chemical and biological warfare and possible disarmament measures. 1
.  1988.  Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program. Final programmatic environmental impact statement prepared for program manager for chemical demilitarization. Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.
.  1944.  Protection afforded by single-layer protective outfits against a single mustard vapor exposure. Technical Division Memorandum Report. TDMR 860
.  1988.  Report of the mission dispatched by the Secretary-General to investigate allegations of the use of chemical weapons in the conflict between the Islamic Repubic of Iran and Iraq.
.  1979.  Airborne particles.
.  2002.  Reporter's Guide to Terrorism: A Practical Guide to the Threat of Terrorism .
.  1945.  The H vapor protection afforded by various protective outfits by the same men in successive exposures. Technical Division Memorandum Report. TDMR 1012
.  2004.  United States Chemical Weapons Storage/Destruction Sites .
.  1945.  Exposure of subjects to mustard vapor dosages of 50, 120, 125, and 220 mg. min./m under tropical conditions. Australia Chemical Defence Reports. CD Note No. 50
.  1943.  Complement fixation test for mustard sensitivity. Technical Division Memorandum Report. TDMR 567
.  1991.  Mustard gas. Sixth Annual Report on Carcinogens. Summary 1991. :66-67.
.  1996.  Assay techniques for detecion of exposure to sulfur mustard, cholinesterase inhibitors, sarin, soman, GF, and cyanide.
.  1944.  Capillary permeability factors related to the action of CW agents. Part II. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2635
.  1931.  Further report on sensitivity to mustard gas. Porton Reports.
.  1941.  Societa italania. Swiss. 213:274.
.  1988.  Chemical stockpile disposal program: Final programmatic environmental impact statement. :V-IX,1-6.
.  1945.  Chamber tests with human subjects. IX. Basic tests with H vapor.
.  2007.  NIH Strategic Plan and Research Agenda for Medical Countermeasures against Chemical Threats .
.  1948.  Advances in Military Medicine. Science in World War II: Office of Scientific Research and Development.
.  2009.  National Counterterrorism Center: Counterterrprosw, Calendar 2009.
.  1943.  Lymph drainage in Lewisite poisoning. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2508
.  2002.  DTIC research summaries.
.  1991.  Toxicological Profile of Mustard "Gas" (Draft).


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