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.  1989.  Winds of death: Iraq's use of poison gas against its Kurdish population.
.  1988.  Code of Federal Regulations. :40CFR261,AppendixVIII<br/>.
.  1974.  Military chemistry and chemical compounds.
.  2001.  Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfar.
.  1944.  Studies on the immunological behavior of H. II. The production of immune bodies by the use of H-serum protein complexes. Physiological Section Report No. 35
.  1941.  Comparative vesicant properties of vesicant compounds. Porton Reports. Porton Letters 1200 (R.12035 and R.14727)
.  1952.  [Treatment of Hodgkin's disease with mustard gas.]. Dia Med. 24:537-539.
.  1943.  Some further studies on the treatment of mustard gas blisters and a comparison of the healing of mustard gas and Lewisite burns. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2560
.  1988.  Toxic chemicals found in Iraqi soil samples. Japan Times. :6.
.  1988.  Material Safety Data Sheet, T or Sulfur Mustard. Pentagon Reports. :7.
.  1944.  Relative sensitivity to liquid mustard gas of continental U.S. troops and Puerto Rican troops in a tropical climate. San Jose Project Report. SJPR No. 24
.  1987.  Report of the mission dispatched by the Secretary-General to investigate allegations of the use of chemical weapons in the conflict between the Islamic Repubic of Iran and Iraq.
.  1945.  Fasciculus on chemical warfare medicine. 1,2,3
.  2002.  Chemical Terrorism General Guidance (Pocket Guide).
.  1945.  Preliminary gas chamber tests of protection afforded by double-layer protective outfits against a single mustard vapor exposure. Technical Division Memorandum Report. TDMR 1009
.  1946.  Part 2. Discussion of experimental data. Technical aspects of chemical warfare in the field.
.  1942.  Medical report on casualties produced by airburst mustard gas shells. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2343
.  1975.  Military chemistry and chemical compounds.
.  1993.  Soldiers as experimental animals. Nature. 361:479.
.  1921.  Note on treatment of ophthalmia caused by yperite. Archives d'Ophtalmologie. 38:169-171.
.  1919.  The late symptoms of gas poisoning and their treatment. Guys Hosp Gazette. 33:200-205.
.  1996.  Vesicants (blister agents). Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations, III: Chemical [AMedP-6(B) part III]..
.  1944.  The treatment of the leucopenia of vesicant poisoning. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2626
.  1931.  Sensitivity to mustard gas. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 930
.  1992.  Hazardous substance data bank.


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