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.  1990.  Clinical notes on chemical casualty care. Pentagon Reports. :70.
.  1945.  Effectiveness of given Ct's of mustard gas vapour for long exposure periods under tropical conditions. Suffield Technical Minute No. 103
.  1943.  Destruction of immune antibodies by mustard vapors. Technical Division Memorandum Report. TDMR 668
.  1956.  Treatment of chemical warfare casualties.
.  1975.  Mustard gas. IARC Monogr Eval Carcinog Risk Chem Man. 9:181-192.
.  2000.  Appendix E: Health risk assessment for sulfur mustard (HD). J Tox and Environmental Health Part A. 59(5-6):471-502.
.  1944.  A clinicopathological report of human eyes splashed with mustard gas. Porton Reports. Porton Letters 2809 (U.672)
.  1939.  Report on the skin burning power of various vesicant mixtures through service dress. Porton Reports. Porton Departmental Report No. 76
.  1991.  Upper-bound quantitative cancer risk estimate for populations adjacent to sulfur mustard incineration facilities. :EPA600891053.
.  1958.  Beryllium disease and its control. :19.
.  2005.  Determination of open circuit, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) performance during dynamic testing against chemical agents of sarin (GB) vapor and distilled sulfur mustard (HD) vapor and liquid standard testing procedure (STP).
.  1952.  [Treatment of Hodgkin's disease with mustard gas.]. Dia Med. 24:537-539.
.  1943.  Some further studies on the treatment of mustard gas blisters and a comparison of the healing of mustard gas and Lewisite burns. Porton Reports. Porton Report No. 2560
.  1989.  Winds of death: Iraq's use of poison gas against its Kurdish population.
.  2001.  Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfar.
.  1944.  Studies on the immunological behavior of H. II. The production of immune bodies by the use of H-serum protein complexes. Physiological Section Report No. 35
.  1941.  Comparative vesicant properties of vesicant compounds. Porton Reports. Porton Letters 1200 (R.12035 and R.14727)
.  1988.  Final recommendations for protecting the health and safety against potentilal adverse effects of long-term exposure to low doses of agents: GA, GB, VX, Mustard Agent (H, HD, T) and Lewisite (L). Federal Register. 53:8504-8507.
.  1945.  The assessment of the M47A2 and M70 bombs filled with Levinstein mustard. Dugway Proving Ground Memorandum Report. No. 23
.  1988.  Toxic chemicals found in Iraqi soil samples. Japan Times. :6.
.  1988.  Material Safety Data Sheet, T or Sulfur Mustard. Pentagon Reports. :7.
.  1944.  Relative sensitivity to liquid mustard gas of continental U.S. troops and Puerto Rican troops in a tropical climate. San Jose Project Report. SJPR No. 24
.  1987.  Report of the mission dispatched by the Secretary-General to investigate allegations of the use of chemical weapons in the conflict between the Islamic Repubic of Iran and Iraq.
.  1945.  Fasciculus on chemical warfare medicine. 1,2,3
.  2002.  Chemical Terrorism General Guidance (Pocket Guide).


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