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Popp T., Egea V., Kehe K., Jachum M., Ries C..  2007.  Analysis of matrix metalloproteinase expression in different types of skin and lung cells after exposure to sulfur mustard . ToxicologyToxicology. 233(1-3):227.
Steinritz D., Emmler J., Hintz M., Worek F., Kreppel H., Szinicz L., Kehe K..  2007.  Apoptosis in sulfur mustard treated A549 cell cultures. Life Sci. 80(24-25):2199-2201.
Emmler J., Hermanns M.I., Steinritz D., Kreppel H., Kirkpatrick C.J., Bloch W., Szinicz L., Kehe K..  2007.  Assessment of alterations in barrier functionality and induction of proinflammatory and cytotoxic effects after sulfur mustard exposure of an in vitro coculture model of the human alveolo-capillary barrier. Inhal ToxicolInhal Toxicol. 19(8):657-665.
Bloch W., Elischer A., Schriek M., Bohm K., Moghbeli F., Kehe K., Szinicz L., Steinritz D..  2007.  Comparison of sulfur mustard induced mechanism of cell damage in dependence of time course and cell type. ToxicologyToxicology. 233(1-3):223.
Szinicz L., Worek F., Thiermann H., Kehe K., Eckert S., Eyer P..  2007.  Development of antidotes: Problems and strategies. ToxicologyToxicology. 233(1-3):23-30.
Emmler J., Hermanns M.I., Kreppel H., Kehe K., Szinicz L..  2007.  Effect of antioxidants on sulfur mustard-induced toxicity in an in vitro-model of the human blood-air barrier. ToxicologyToxicology. 233(1-3)
Kehe K., Schneider J., Emmler J., Kreppel H., Abend M., Szinicz L..  2007.  Effects of sulfur mustard on fibroblast and keratinocyte co-cultures. ToxicologyToxicology. 233(1-3):234-235.
Kehe K., Raithel K., Kreppel H., Jockum M., Worek F., Thiermann H..  2007.  Inhibition of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) influences the mode of sulfur mustard (SM)-induced cell death in HaCaT cells. Arch ToxicolArch Toxicol. 82:461-470.
Rebholz B., Kehe K., Rupec R.A..  2007.  Transcription factor NG-kB as mediator of sulfur mustard induced damage of the skin. ToxicologyToxicology. 233(1-3):225.
Kehe K., Emmler J., Kreppel H., Szinicz L..  2006.  Attenuation of sulfur mustard-induced lung toxicity in an in-vitro-model of the human blood-air-barrier. Proceedings of the U.S. Army Medical Defense Bioscience Review. :117.
Klaus S., Scheibenzuber M., Kehe K..  2006.  Development of a rapid and reliable on-site sulfur mustard detector. Proceedings of the U.S. Army Medical Defense Bioscience Review. :241.
Kehe K., Szinicz L..  2005.  Medical aspects of sulphur mustard poisoning. ToxicologyToxicology. 214:198-209.
Kehe K., Hermanns M.I., Emmler J., Unger R.E., Szinicz L., Kirkpatrick C.J..  2004.  An in vitro human Alveolar co-culture model – Effects of sulfur mustard. Proceedings of the U.S. Army Medical Defense Bioscience Review. 129:1-44.
Kehe K., Reisinger H., Szinicz L..  2000.  Sulfur mustard induces apoptosis and necrosis in SCL II cells in vitro. J Appl ToxicolJ Appl Toxicol. 20 Suppl 1:S81-86.
Kehe K., Worek F., Thiermann H..  0.  Medical aspects of chemical warfare agents. Chapter 11.. Decontamination of Warfare Agents: Enzymatic Methods for the Removal of B/C Weapons. :201-221.


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