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Deshmukh M., Singh Y., Gunaseelan S., Gao D., Stein S., Sinko P.J.  2010.  Biodegradable poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels based on a self-elimination degradation mechanism. Biomaterials. 31:6675-6684.
Gordon M.K, Desantis A., Deshmukh M., Lacey C.J, Hahn R.A, Beloni J., Anumolu S.S, Schlager J.J, Gallo M.A, Gerecke D.R et al..  2010.  Doxycycline hydrogels as a potential therapy for ocular vesicant injury. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. 26:407-419.
Anumolu S.S, Menjoge A.R, Deshmukh M., Gerecke D., Stein S., Laskin J., Sinko P.J.  2010.  Doxycycline hydrogels with reversible disulfide crosslinks for dermal wound healing of mustard injuries. Biomaterials. 32:1204-1217.
Anumolu S.S, DeSantis A.S, Menjoge A.R, Hahn R.A, Beloni J.A, Gordon M.K, Sinko P.J.  2010.  Doxycycline loaded poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels for healing vesicant-induced ocular wounds. Biomaterials. 31:964-974.
Black A.T, Hayden P.J, Casillas R.P, Heck D.E, Gerecke D.R, Sinko P.J, Laskin D.L, Laskin J.D.  2010.  Expression of proliferative and inflammatory markers in a full-thickness human skin equivalent following exposure to the model sulfur mustard vesicant, 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide. Toxicol Appl PharmacolToxicol Appl Pharmacol. 249:178-187.
Shakarjian M.P, Heck D.E, Gray J.P, Sinko P.J, Gordon M.K, Casillas R.P, Heindel N.D, Gerecke D.R, Laskin D.L, Laskin J.D.  2010.  Mechanisms Mediating the Vesicant Actions of Sulfur Mustard after Cutaneous Exposure. Toxicol SciToxicol Sci. 114:5-19.
Laskin J.D, Black A.T, Jan Y.H, Sinko P.J, Heindel N.D, Sunil V., Heck D.E, Laskin D.L.  2010.  Oxidants and antioxidants in sulfur mustard-induced injury. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1203:92-100.
Chao P., Deshmukh M., Kutscher H.L, Gao D., Rajan S.S, Hu P., Laskin D.L, Stein S., Sinko P.J.  2010.  Pulmonary targeting microparticulate camptothecin delivery system: anticancer evaluation in a rat orthotopic lung cancer model. Anticancer Drugs. 21:65-76.
Black A.T, Joseph L.B, Casillas R.P, Heck D.E, Gerecke D.R, Sinko P.J, Laskin D.L, Laskin J.D.  2010.  Role of MAP kinases in regulating expression of antioxidants and inflammatory mediators in mouse keratinocytes following exposure to the half mustard, 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide. Toxicol Appl PharmacolToxicol Appl Pharmacol. 245:352-360.
Deshmukh M., Chao P., Kutscher H.L, Gao D., Sinko P.J.  2010.  A series of alpha-amino acid ester prodrugs of camptothecin: in vitro hydrolysis and A549 human lung carcinoma cell cytotoxicity. J Med Chem. 53:1038-1047.
Weinberger B., Laskin J.D, Sunil V.R, Sinko P.J, Heck D.E, Laskin D.L.  2010.  Sulfur mustard-induced pulmonary injury: therapeutic approaches to mitigating toxicity. Pulm Pharmacol Ther. 24:92-99.
Gunaseelan S., Gunaseelan K., Deshmukh M., Zhang X., Sinko P.J.  2010.  Surface modifications of nanocarriers for effective intracellular delivery of anti-HIV drugs. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 62:518-531.
Kutscher H.L, Chao P., Deshmukh M., Singh Y., Hu P., Joseph L.B, Reimer D.C, Stein S., Laskin D.L, Sinko P.J.  2010.  Threshold size for optimal passive pulmonary targeting and retention of rigid microparticles in rats. J Control Release. 143:31-37.

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