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Yaraee R., Ghazanfari T., Faghihzadeh S., Mostafaie A., Soroush M.R, Inai K., Foroutan A., Shams J., Naghizadeh M.M, Hassan Z.M.  2009.  Alterations in the serum levels of soluble L, P and E-selectin 20 years after sulfur mustard exposure: Sardasht-Iran Cohort Study. Int Immunopharmacol. 9:1477-81.
Moaiedmohseni S., Ghazanfari T., Araghizadeh H., Soroush M.R., Yaraee R., Hassan Z.M., Forutan A., Mahdavi M.R.V., Ghasemi H., Shams J. et al..  2009.  Long-term health status 20 years after sulfur mustard exposure . Toxin Reviews. 28:3-7.
Pourfarzam S., Ghazanfari T., Merasizadeh J., Ghanei M., Azimi G., Araghizadeh H., Foroutan A., Shams J., Ghasemi H., Yaraee R. et al..  2009.  Long-term pulmonary complications in sulfur mustard victims of Sardasht, Iran . Toxin Reviews. 28:8-13.
Moin A., Ghazanfari T., Davoudi S.M., Emadi N., Panahi Y., Hassan Z.M., Soroush M.R, Khateri S., Amini R., Naghizadeh M.M. et al..  2009.  Long-term skin findings of sulfur mustard exposure on the civilians of Sardasht, Iran . Toxin Reviews. 28:24-29.
Ghazanfari T., Faghihzadeh S., Aragizadeh H., Soroush M.R, Yaraee R., Z. Hassan M, Foroutan A., Vaez-Mahdavi M.R, Javadi M.A, Moaiedmohseni S. et al..  2009.  Sardasht-iran cohort study of chemical warfare victims:design and methods. Arch Iran Med. 12:5-14.
Amiri S., Ghazanfari T., Yaraee R., Salimi H., Ebtekar M., Shams J., Ghasemi H., Pourfarzam S., Moin A., Sharifnia Z. et al..  2009.  Serum levels of GM-CSF 20 years after sulfur mustard exposure: Sardasht-Iran Cohort Study. Int Immunopharmacol. 9:1499-1503.
Nadoushan M.R.J., Ghazanfari T., Yaraee R., Mohdavi M.R.V., Soroush M.R., Moaiedmohseni S., Ghesemi H., Shams J., Fallahi F., Ardestani S.K. et al..  2009.  Total serum bilirubinemia and intensity of sulfur mustard exposure in Iranian chemical victims 20 years after exposure . Toxin Reviews. 28:44-47.

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