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Inturi S., Tewari-Singh N., Jain A.K, Roy S., White C.W, Agarwal R..  2013.  Absence of a p53 allele delays nitrogen mustard-induced early apoptosis and inflammation of murine skin. ToxicologyToxicologyToxicology. 311:184-90.
Li S., Wang X., He Y., Zhao M., Chen Y., Xu J., Feng M., Chang J., Ning H., Qi C..  2013.  Design and synthesis of novel quinazoline nitrogen mustard derivatives as potential therapeutic agents for cancer. Eur J Med Chem. 67:293-301.
Kadar T., Cohen M., Cohen L., Fishbine E., Sahar R., Brandeis R., Dachir S., Amir A..  2013.  Endothelial cell damage following sulfur mustard exposure in rabbits and its association with the delayed-onset ocular lesions. Cutan Ocul ToxicolCutan Ocul ToxicolCutan Ocul Toxicol. 32:115-23.
Balszuweit F., John H., Schmidt A., Kehe K., Thiermann H., Steinritz D..  2013.  Silibinin as a potential therapeutic for sulfur mustard injuries. Chem Biol InteractChem Biol InteractChem Biol Interact. 206:496-504.
Chang Y.C, Wang J.D, Svoboda K.K, Casillas R.P, Laskin J.D, Gordon M.K, Gerecke D.R.  2013.  Sulfur mustard induces an endoplasmic reticulum stress response in the mouse ear vesicant model. Toxicol Appl PharmacolToxicol Appl PharmacolToxicol Appl Pharmacol. 268:178-87.
Batal M., Boudry I., Mouret S., Wartelle J., Emorine S., Bertoni M., Berard I., Clery-Barraud C., Douki T..  2013.  Temporal and spatial features of the formation of DNA adducts in sulfur mustard-exposed skin. Toxicol Appl PharmacolToxicol Appl PharmacolToxicol Appl Pharmacol. 273:644-50.


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