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Bongiovanni R., Millard C.B., Schulz S.M., Romano J.M..  1993.  Estimation of neutrophil infiltration into hairless guinea pig skin treated with 2,2'-dichlorodiethyl sulfide. Pentagon Reports. :8.
Papirmeister B..  1993.  Excitement in vesicant research -- Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Pentagon Reports. :15.
Meier H.L., Kelly S.A..  1993.  The identification and ranking of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors as protectors against sulfur mustard induced decrease in cellular energy and viability in in vitro assays with human lymphocytes. Pentagon Reports. :11.
Martens M.E, Smith W.J..  1993.  Mechanisms of sulfur mustard-induced metabolic injury. Pentagon Reports. :9.
Bernstein I.A, Bernstam L., Yang Y.H., Lin P.O., Vaughan F.L..  1993.  Pseudo-Epidermis: A model system for investigatig molecular and cellular pathways of cutaneous epidermal toxicity from sulfur mustard. Pentagon Reports. :9.
Dannenberg, Jr A.M, Tsuruta J..  1993.  Role of cytokines and reactive oxygen intermediates in the inflammatory response produced by sulfur mustard. A progress report.. Pentagon Reports. :10.
Allon N., Gilat E., Amir A., Fishbeine E., Liani H..  1993.  Sulfur mustard inhalation induced respiratory lesions in guinea pigs: Physiological, biochemical, and histological study. Pentagon Reports. :8.
Cowan F.M., Yourick J.J., Hurst C.G., Broomfield C.A., Smith W.J..  1993.  Sulfur mustard-increased proteolysis following in vitro and in vivo exposures. Pentagon Reports. :8.
Petrali J.P., Oglesby S.B., Hamilton T.A., Mills K.R..  1993.  Ultrastructural pathology and immunohistochemistry of mustard gas lesion. Pentagon Reports. :7.

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