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Thiermann H., Worek F., Kehe K..  2013.  Limitations and challenges in treatment of acute chemical warfare agent poisoning. Chem Biol InteractChem Biol InteractChem Biol Interact. 206:435-43.
Kehe K., Schrettl V., Thiermann H., Steinritz D..  2013.  Modified immunoslotblot assay to detect hemi and sulfur mustard DNA adducts. Chem Biol InteractChem Biol InteractChem Biol Interact. 206:523-8.
Balszuweit F., John H., Schmidt A., Kehe K., Thiermann H., Steinritz D..  2013.  Silibinin as a potential therapeutic for sulfur mustard injuries. Chem Biol InteractChem Biol InteractChem Biol Interact. 206:496-504.
Pohl C., Hofmann H., Moisch M., Papritz M., Hermanns M.I, Dei-Anang J., Mayer E., Kehe K., Kirkpatrick C.J.  2009.  Acute cytotoxicity and apoptotic effects after L-Pam exposure in different cocultures of the proximal and distal respiratory system. J Biotechnol.
Kehe K., Thiermann H., Balszuweit F., Eyer F., Steinritz D., Zilker T..  2009.  Acute effects of sulfur mustard injury--Munich experiences. ToxicologyToxicology. 263:3-8.
Pohl C., Papritz M., Moisch M., Wubbeke C., Hermanns M.I, Uboldi C., Dei-Anang J., Mayer E., Kirkpatrick C.J, Kehe K..  2009.  Acute morphological and toxicological effects in a human bronchial coculture model after sulfur mustard exposure. Toxicol SciToxicol Sci. 112:482-489.
Kehe K., Thiermann H..  2009.  Bruno Papirmeister. ToxicologyToxicology. In Press
Rowell M., Kehe K., Balszuweit F., Thiermann H..  2009.  The chronic effects of sulfur mustard exposure. ToxicologyToxicology. 263:9-11.
Kehe K., Thiermann H..  2009.  Clinical picture of sulfur mustard poisoning. ToxicologyToxicology. 263:1-74.
Kehe K., Balszuweit F., Steinritz D., Thiermann H..  2009.  Molecular toxicology of sulfur mustard-induced cutaneous inflammation and blistering. ToxicologyToxicology. 263:12-9.
Heinrich A., Balszuweit F., Thiermann H., Kehe K..  2009.  Rapid simultaneous determination of apoptosis, necrosis, and viability in sulfur mustard exposed HaCaT cell cultures. Toxicol LettToxicol Lett. 191:260-7.
Debiak M., Kehe K., Burkle A..  2009.  Role of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase in sulfur mustard toxicity. ToxicologyToxicology. 263:20-25.
Steinritz D., Elischer A., Balszuweit F., Gonder S., Heinrich A., Bloch W., Thiermann H., Kehe K..  2009.  Sulphur mustard induces time- and concentration-dependent regulation of NO-synthesizing enzymes. Toxicol LettToxicol Lett. 188:263-269.


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