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Veress L.A, Anderson D.R, Hendry-Hofer T.B, Houin P.R, Rioux J.S, Garlick R.B, Loader J.E, Paradiso D.C, Smith R.W, Rancourt R.C et al..  2015.  Airway tissue plasminogen activator prevents acute mortality due to lethal sulfur mustard inhalation. Toxicol SciToxicol SciToxicol Sci. 143:178-84.
Jowsey P.A, Blain P.G.  2015.  Checkpoint kinase 1 is activated and promotes cell survival after exposure to sulphur mustard. Toxicol LettToxicol LettToxicol Lett. 232:413-21.
Arduini F., Scognamiglio V., Covaia C., Amine A., Moscone D., Palleschi G..  2015.  A choline oxidase amperometric bioassay for the detection of mustard agents based on screen-printed electrodes modified with prussian blue nanoparticles. Sensors (Basel)Sensors (Basel)Sensors (Basel). 15:4353-67.
Shahriary A., Mehrani H., Ghanei M., Parvin S..  2015.  Comparative proteome analysis of peripheral neutrophils from sulfur mustard-exposed and COPD patients. J ImmunotoxicolJ ImmunotoxicolJ Immunotoxicol. 12:132-9.
Pashandi Z., Saraygord-Afshari N., Naderi-Manesh H., Naderi M..  2015.  Comparative proteomic study reveals the molecular aspects of delayed ocular symptoms induced by sulfur mustard. Int J ProteomicsInt J ProteomicsInt J Proteomics. 2015:659241.
Joul P., Lees H., Vaher M., Kobrin E.G, Kaljurand M., Kuhtinskaja M..  2015.  Development of a capillary electrophoresis method with direct UV detection for the analysis of thiodiglycol and its oxidation products. ElectrophoresisElectrophoresisElectrophoresis.
Bartok M., Gabel D., Zorn-Kruppa M., Engelke M..  2015.  Development of an in vitro ocular test system for the prediction of all three GHS categories. Toxicol In VitroToxicol In VitroToxicol In Vitro. 29:72-80.
Hall C.A, Lydon H.L, Dalton C.H, Chipman J.K, Graham J.S, Chilcott R.P.  2015.  Development of haemostatic decontaminants for the treatment of wounds contaminated with chemical warfare agents. 1: Evaluation of in vitro clotting efficacy in the presence of certain contaminants. J Appl ToxicolJ Appl ToxicolJ Appl Toxicol. 35:536-42.
Dalton C.H, Hall C.A, Lydon H.L, Chipman J.K, Graham J.S, Jenner J., Chilcott R.P.  2015.  Development of haemostatic decontaminants for the treatment of wounds contaminated with chemical warfare agents. 2: Evaluation of in vitro topical decontamination efficacy using undamaged skin. J Appl ToxicolJ Appl ToxicolJ Appl Toxicol. 35:543-50.
Rodin I., Braun A., Stavrianidi A., Baygildiev T., Shpigun O., Oreshkin D., Rybalchenko I..  2015.  'Dilute-and-shoot' RSLC-MS-MS method for fast detection of nerve and vesicant chemical warfare agent metabolites in urine. J Anal ToxicolJ Anal ToxicolJ Anal Toxicol. 39:69-74.
Yue L., Zhang Y., Chen J., Zhao Z., Liu Q., Wu R., Guo L., He J., Zhao J., Xie J. et al..  2015.  Distribution of DNA adducts and corresponding tissue damage of sprague-dawley rats with percutaneous exposure to sulfur mustard. Chem Res ToxicolChem Res ToxicolChem Res Toxicol. 28:532-40.
Boskabady M., Boskabady M.H, Zabihi N.A.  2015.  The effect of chemical warfare on respiratory symptoms, pulmonary function tests and their reversibility 23-25 years after exposure. Toxicol Ind HealthToxicol Ind HealthToxicol Ind Health. 31:79-84.
Gandor F., Gawlik M., Thiermann H., John H..  2015.  Evidence of Sulfur Mustard Exposure in Human Plasma by LC-ESI-MS-MS Detection of the Albumin-Derived Alkylated HETE-CP Dipeptide and Chromatographic Investigation of Its Cis/Trans Isomerism. J Anal ToxicolJ Anal ToxicolJ Anal Toxicol.
Jain A.K, Tewari-Singh N., Inturi S., Kumar D., Orlicky D.J, Agarwal C., White C.W, Agarwal R..  2015.  Flavanone silibinin treatment attenuates nitrogen mustard-induced toxic effects in mouse skin. Toxicol Appl PharmacolToxicol Appl PharmacolToxicol Appl Pharmacol.
Houin P.R, Veress L.A, Rancourt R.C, Hendry-Hofer T.B, Loader J.E, Rioux J.S, Garlick R.B, White C.W.  2015.  Intratracheal heparin improves plastic bronchitis due to sulfur mustard analog. Pediatr PulmonolPediatr PulmonolPediatr Pulmonol. 50:118-26.
Giannoukos S., Brkic B., Taylor S., France N..  2015.  Membrane inlet mass spectrometry for homeland security and forensic applications. J Am Soc Mass SpectromJ Am Soc Mass SpectromJ Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 26:231-9.
Xu B., Zong C., Nie Z., Guo L., Xie J..  2015.  A novel approach for high sensitive determination of sulfur mustard by derivatization and isotope-dilution LC-MS/MS analysis. TalantaTalantaTalanta. 132:245-51.
Perry M.R, Benson E.M, Kohne J.W, Plahovinsak J.L, Babin M.C, Platoff, Jr. G.E, Yeung D.T.  2015.  A novel sulfur mustard (HD) vapor inhalation exposure system for accurate inhaled dose delivery. J Pharmacol Toxicol MethodsJ Pharmacol Toxicol MethodsJ Pharmacol Toxicol Methods. 71:120-8.
Chilcott R.P, Larner J., Matar H., Kansagra S., Theivendran B., Viegas V.A, Goldman V.S.  2015.  Optimisation of a dosing regime for a topical skin protectant (barrier cream). Cutan Ocul ToxicolCutan Ocul ToxicolCutan Ocul Toxicol. :1-8.
Pantazides B.G, Crow B.S, Garton J.W, Quinones-Gonzalez J.A, Blake T.A, Thomas J.D, Johnson R.C.  2015.  Simplified Method for Quantifying Sulfur Mustard Adducts to Blood Proteins by Ultrahigh Pressure Liquid Chromatography-Isotope Dilution Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Chem Res ToxicolChem Res ToxicolChem Res Toxicol.
Sun J.H, Sun P.P, Zheng W., Han S., Ying Y., Liu H.Y, Zhang C., Zhao B.Q, Zuo G.M, Lu H. et al..  2015.  Skin decontamination efficacy of potassium ketoxime on rabbits exposed to sulfur mustard. Cutan Ocul ToxicolCutan Ocul ToxicolCutan Ocul Toxicol. 34:1-6.
Verma M., Gupta V.K, Dave V., Chandra R., Prasad G.K.  2015.  Synthesis of sputter deposited CuO nanoparticles and their use for decontamination of 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide (CEES). J Colloid Interface SciJ Colloid Interface SciJ Colloid Interface Sci. 438:102-9.
Goswami D.G, Kumar D., Tewari-Singh N., Orlicky D.J, Jain A.K, Kant R., Rancourt R.C, Dhar D., Inturi S., Agarwal C. et al..  2015.  Topical nitrogen mustard exposure causes systemic toxic effects in mice. Exp Toxicol PatholExp Toxicol PatholExp Toxicol Pathol. 67:161-70.


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